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Garapon Wheel game - 6 Sided- GW6

Garapon Wheel game - 6 Sided- GW6

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A Garapon game is a branded spinning wheel for interactive entertainment. Originating in Japan.

It's fully customizable and crafted in-house, ideal for events. Players spin the wheel for prizes or promotions, one revolution of the wheel dispenses one ball, creating engagement and excitement. Optional branded tables with storage add practicality and branding impact. Perfect for trade shows, corporate events, or promotions.

  1. Fully Branded Experience: Stand out from the crowd with a Garapon game that bears your brand's identity. Our in-house customization allows for complete branding of the game, from the Garapon wheel and handle to the digital templates. Your graphics and messaging will be seamlessly integrated, ensuring maximum brand visibility and recognition.

  2. Unique and Custom-Made: Unlike off-the-shelf games, our Garapon games are custom-made in-house, guaranteeing quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. Each game is tailored to your specifications, reflecting your brand's personality and message.

  3. Engaging Gameplay: The Garapon wheel, along with its stand, offer an engaging and interactive gaming experience for players of all ages. Whether it's at a trade show, corporate event, or in-store promotional campaign, the Garapon game captivates audiences and keeps them entertained for hours on end.

  4. Versatile Branding Options: In addition to the Garapon game itself, we offer optional branded tables with storage, providing a comprehensive branding solution for your events. The table serves as both a functional storage unit and a customizable branding platform, further enhancing your brand presence and impact.

  5. Digital Templates for Dynamic Messaging: With included digital templates, you have the flexibility to update and customize messaging on the fly. Whether it's promoting special offers, showcasing products, or sharing event information, the digital templates allow for dynamic and targeted communication with your audience. Graphics can be changed in seconds with no tools (Using PronoKL table addon)

  6. Convenient Setup and Storage: Our Garapon game is designed for ease of use and convenience. The optional branded table with storage not only enhances branding but also provides a practical solution for transporting and storing the game and accessories between events.

Experience the power of branded entertainment with Garapon. Contact us today to elevate your events and captivate your audience like never before!

Size: 30x20x16

Weight: 25lbs

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