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AlleyPutt Game - Premium Custom Design

AlleyPutt Game - Premium Custom Design

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AlleyPutt is a hybrid game that combines elements of skee ball and mini-golf, offering players a unique and entertaining experience. Here's a breakdown of how the game typically works: (This game is not associated with Skeeball or any of their brands)

This premium game is beautiful and designed as a centerpiece.

  1. Setup: AlleyPutt is typically played on a specialized course that resembles a mini-golf course but with lanes similar to those found in skee ball. The lanes are often elevated, and each lane has a hole at the end, similar to a mini-golf hole.

  2. Objective: The objective of AlleyPutt is to putt a ball down the lane and into one of the holes at the end, just like in Alley ball.  Aiming for different point targets, players attempt to amass as many points as possible. 

  3. Gameplay: Players take turns putting their ball down the lane, aiming to get it into the hole with as many points as possible. The lanes may have obstacles or features that add complexity and challenge to the game, such as ramps, curves, or barriers.

  4. Scoring: Like mini-golf, AlleyPutt is typically scored based on the number of points collected from each hole. The player with the highest total score at the end of the game is the winner.

  5. Variations: Depending on the specific setup of the course, there may be variations in gameplay and scoring. Some courses may have additional challenges or special features on certain holes to keep the game interesting. The game is custom made so, add something interesting!

Overall, AlleyPutt offers a fun and engaging twist on traditional mini-golf and skee ball, combining elements of both games into a unique and enjoyable experience for players of all ages. The perfect choice for trade show booths and events typically with space 10x20 or larger. Also for Boardrooms or lunch rooms games areas.

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